Sunday Snippets Post #1

So, while reading Life Without Pink’s Friday Favorites post I came across yet another amazing mother who has an awesome blog. Marilyn from Pure Unadulterated Softthistle has posts filled with innovative mommy photography, raw tales of a mom going through the ambivalent  process of finding out that her son is on the autistic spectrum, along with several other winsome posts. While reading this mama-riffic blog, I came across Sunday Snippets. Marilyn’s instructions were as follows:

  1. Follow me if you’re not already. (check.)
  2. Write your Sunday Snippets post. (check)
  3. Get the button in the right sidebar over there to thwack onto your post. (check)
  4. Add the link to your blog post (note I said POST, not just the blog url!) to the MckLinky at the bottom here. (hope I did this right. check.)
  5. Read what some of your fellow bloggers have been up to, comment, and enjoy finding new people! (will be doing this week. check)
  6. Come back next Sunday and do it all over again. :) (no promises, but I will try. check)

First snippet from the week. The following video is of my adorable little B dancing away to “Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me” from one of my favorite Disney classics.

Second Snippet from the week. Braxton enjoying an ice cream cone. I couldn’t help but snap a pic of that cookies ‘n’ cream goatee.

Third and final snippet from the week. Braxton sitting on his brand new Disney Cars potty. I know he will probably kill me for publishing this pic when he is about twelve, but it was so darn cute I couldn’t resist. He sat on it and said, “Book, peeeasse.”

I couldn’t help but muster up a chuckle as I gave him the book, and then with no prompting from me (camera was no where insight) he said, “Cheeeessee.” So, I had to run to get my camera and he held this pose.

Oh how I love this child!!!

Well, that is all for my first Sunday Snippets post. I hope I can continue to do this on a weekly basis! I promise I will try.

Thanks again to Marilyn at Pure Unadulterated Softthistle for inspiring me to write this post, and congratulations to Marilyn on her engagement!!!!

Just a thought.

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  1. Aww thank you soo much for following me and taking part!

    I love the potty photos, I have one like that of Zack on the toilet when he was in the potty-to-toilet stage, sooo cute! 🙂

  2. Great to meet you on a Sunday! He’ll kill you when you show his girlfriends!!

  3. That last pic is great! Where did you get the Cars potty – would be PERFECT for my little boy!

  4. Thanks Kristy! I got it at Target on sale for $25

  5. Hi there! Your little boy is so cute! Great snippet 😉 xx Jazzy

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