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Where I Have Been All Summer…

So, besides the fact that I have been anxiously awaiting my new blog design from Jessica over at the Frilly Coconut, I have had an action packed summer that has been one of the most memorable summers of my life. I apologize for the delay in my posts, but I cannot apologize for all the fun I have been having with my little family!!

I worked most of the summer up until August 12th, so I had to play catch up on some family event with Braxton. So, I wanted to share with all of my readers some of the exciting things we did in the tri-state area.

The first day of our vacation we decided to take B to Bounce U in Blackwood, NJ. It was a little hectic due to their Summer layout. During the fall, they normally have a toddler bounce from 10am-12pm and this is what their website had indicated. But, once we arrived we saw that it was an open bounce with all ages. I have to say Braxton held his own against most of the big kids.

Then, on Tuesday we headed off to my favorite place in the world…the Jersey shore! No fist pumps here. Just pure childhood memories to be made. We headed to the Wildwood beach to meet my best friend and her family, but the weather did not cooperate. After about two hours on the beach, we ran into a torrential down pour. So, we headed back to her family’s house where Braxton played while the storm passed. After clear skies had arrived we headed to the boardwalk for some rides and french fries of course!

Braxton had a blast and so did we! He was beat and slept until 11am the next morning. This was a blessing in disguise! We originally wanted to head to our next family fun day trip early in the morning, but Braxton had something else in mind for us.

I went on-line and bought our tickets for the NJ Adventure Aquarium ahead of time to avoid lines at the door. As we pulled up into the parking lot we saw a sea of yellow buses pulling out of the parking lot packed with happy campers. WHEEWWWW!! Thank goodness we missed them.

Braxton enjoyed the aquarium. Although, I think that his Daddy enjoyed it even more. At one point my hubby said, “You know, I think we need to come back here when it’s just me and you so we can really examine the different exhibits.” LOL He’s too funny!

There was lots of interesting sea creatures for Braxton to look at and they even had a fun room where the kids can run around and press lots of buttons!!! That was in the Gills Clubhouse exhibit.

But, the hit of the day was the Dora/Diego 4-D adventure!

He absolutely loved the 4D adventure and for hours after he kept saying, “Yayyyy Dora! Yayyy Diego!” So, it was well worth the $4 extra on top of admission price.

The next day Braxton and I headed on a mission to another favorite spot down the Jersey shore, Ocean City. We met another one of my closest girlfriends and her family for a fun and sun-filled day of beach time. We had a great time once we actually got ON the beach. I forgot how much work it is without Daddy to carry everything! I had help, but I forgot that you can’t push the jogging stroller on soft sand! Unfortunately, Mommy did a face plant in the sand and somehow saved Braxton from getting injured! Braxton found friends on the beach and he played in the puddles and built castles in the sand.

Then, Braxton decided he wanted to just chill in his stroller and chit-chat with the girls. He was an angel that day!

We finished off our day with a trip to Crazy Susan’s to get Daddy some Snickerdoodles and to Johnson’s for some caramel corn and we headed home for some QT with Daddy.

The final day of our first week of vacation together we got to catch up with some great friends and their children for lunch. It was a blast and we were pooped at the end of the day.

I will get up this week’s events before I go back to work next week. I promise!!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer just as much as we are.

Just a thought.

You Know You’re a Mom When..

  • When you rush out to go to a bar & when you go to the bathroom you look down & realize you have chipped toe polish!!! (You used to make fun of women who wore open toed shoes with chipped polish-duh! They were just moms!) & haven’t gotten a pedi in months!!
  • When you don’t buy an outfit every time you go out!
  • When you show up late to a function because your child was napping! (And no-1 wakes a sleeping child!)
  • When you pass up on an intimate moment with your significant other because you are “too tired” from a day with the baby
  • When you do actually have an intimate moment with your significant other your bra & draws do not match!
  • When you water down someone’s drink (especially Hawaiian punch) because you’re used to doing it for your two year old.
  • When every time you’re out (without your kids) you talk about the cute thing they did that day. Like this beautiful flower that Braxton brought to me after his walk with his Grammy the other day. (He smooshed it a little on the walk back, but I still LOVED it.

  • When you are out for “adult time” you bust out your cell phone and/or camera to show one million photos of your little one.
  • When you lie about how painful child birth is to people who have never had children or you really “don’t recall.” Total BS! It hurt, even with drugs so god bless the women that do it without the drugs! I give you all of the credit in the world.

  • You’ve had to call out of work or cancel a social engagement due to a sick child. 
  • When you find yourself stalking other moms on Facebook or other social networks to see what their kids are doing & make sure your kid is up to par. (Terrible thing to do especially for new moms! Don’t do it! Your kid is fine-everyone develops at a different pace.)

  • You’ve gotten so excited for a night out, then as soon as you get there, you  realize it’s so much better at home with your lil nugget!

  • When you look at your closet & realize that you haven’t bought anything new for your wardrobe since maternity clothes!

(And that’s only cause you HAD to cause nothing else fit!)

  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: When you know the feeling that you get when you’ve had the worst day ever & the only things that will make your bad day disappear  smile is a sloppy kiss or “I love you Mommy” from your child.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Oh yeah and by the way…..

Just a thought.

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Top Ten Reasons I Deserve the “Not Mom of the Year” Award

Although many people praise me for being a very “put together” laid-back mommy, I have to say (in my most Britney voice) “You think you know, but you have no idea.”

Despite my insane schedule of work, college, and a toddler I am often praised on the well-behaved nature of my adorable little man.

So, I decided to come clean and enter myself into Life Without Pink & the Mommyologist‘s “Not Mom of the Year” contest. Here are the top ten reasons why I’m so “NOT Mom of the Year.”

#10. I run out of diapers, and more recently it’s been quite frequently!

I try (try being the key word here) to make sure I have all the inventory needed for the house on a daily basis, but sometimes I just can’t keep up. I have too many other things to keep track of like assignments, bills, evaluations, etc., and sometimes it leads me to forgetting a few of the really important things needed for my son…like diapers.

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#9. I’ve dozed off during perfectly wonderful mommy/son bonding time, because I was tired, or just too stressed to deal with him.

I never thought I would ever admit this, but there has been quite a few instances where Ms. Jo from Supernanny would have been quite disappointed with my parenting skills.

For example, the other night I was up late (blogging of course) because it is my only peace and quiet time when I can truly focus, and of course, Braxton woke up early that next morning. Not only was he up early, but he was quite the needy little chap. He wanted to “colourrrr peeassseee” and normally this adorable request would put an enormous smile on my face. But, due to my new-found anti-coffee kick I am on, and lack of energy to go to Starbucks for a tea, I was so not in the mood for adorable requests.

So, I decided to lay on the floor next to B (as he colored with his Aquadoodle) and “pretend” I was coloring. All the while, I was really snoozing on the floor, well “resting my eyes” as my Gram used to say. When Braxton figured out what I was really doing, he started to yell in my ear “Maaaaa. Maaaa, Mama!!!! Mommmmyyyy.” I quickly woke up and realized I needed to promptly tire this little man out so he would take a nap (and so could I).

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#8. I’ve seen the following video and still give my son frozen chicken nuggets.

Although I occasionally have some pretty awful eating habits (that I am NOT proud of), I always prided myself on giving my son nothing but the healthiest food. Well, maybe not the healthiest food, but definitely healthier than what most children consume. He eats what we eat for dinners (I do eat healthy dinners it’s the in-between fast food eating habits that I am not proud of), because I refuse to be a short order cook or have the kid that ONLY eats macaroni & cheese and chicken nuggets. (For the mothers who have these children I am not insulting you! I give you credit for dealing with a picky eater. My husband is one, and it is not an easy job AT ALL!)

But, as well all know, eating healthy can be expensive! The people who say that” it ends up saving you money in the long run” have never had to empty a piggy bank to go grocery shopping. Braxton is the most amazing gift my husband and I have ever received, but he was also the most “unexpected” gift we ever received and financially it has not been easy.

Yet, you think after watching this bloody mess of a demonstration by Mr. Jamie Oliver, you think I would never let my son eat them again. But, I did and I still do. I do say I am more conscious of which kind I buy, but I still can only afford to buy what’s on sale. I think I need to start reading Frugal Mama’s blog more often! And, hey I ate frozen chicken nuggets & fish sticks (gross!) and I turned out okay, right?

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#7.  My son has started speaking a lot more lately, but unfortunately before he said “Grammy” he said the s-word (and I don’t mean sugar!).

My husband and I try very hard to watch our “adult language” around our son, Braxton. But, as many of you can (hopefully) imagine it is not always the easiest thing to do. We thought, keyword is thought there, that we were doing a very good job of controlling our “adult language” until one day we heard Braxton say the darndest thing! He was playing with the Wii controller in the basement and pretending that he was playing Wii while my husband and I were in an intense game of Wii bowling. It was quite cute actually! Then, I had a bad frame of bowling and I said, “Awww man!!!” and Braxton replied, “Awww s_ _ _!” I am obviously editing this! So, I said (trying my best not to laugh) “Awww sugar.” He replied, “No, awww s_ _ _ _!” It was the most hilarious and embarrassing moment as a mother.

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#6. I have let my son eat fruit snacks and/or popcorn on the couch for breakfast.

My son usually has a very balanced breakfast consisting of cereal, oatmeal, fruit, eggs, and an occasional homemade French toast. But, recently he’s been into waking up very grumpy (just like his daddy!). When he does wake up in this grumpy mood, he refuses to sit in his high chair and eat breakfast. He arches his back and straightens his legs so I cannot put him in his chair. I know he is only 22 months old, but he is a very strong little man. Then, he begins to scream and freak out and the only thing that calms his down is fruit snacks and/or popcorn (which he says so darn cute that you can’t resist), yet he always says, “Peaaasssse?” So, yes on a few occasions I have fed my son fruit snacks and/or popcorn for breakfast.

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#5. I have let my son watch inappropriate (for his age anyway) reality television.

Hi, my name is Rebecca, and I’m addicted to reality television. And the other addicts reply, “Hi Rebecca.”

One of my many addictions is reality television! I hate to admit it, but I find joy in watching other people’s crazy lives, regardless of whether they are real or not. My husband tries to crush my dreams every time he sees me watching any sort of reality television series, especially his favorite (HA!) The Hills. But, I don’t care what anyone says! I like to think they are real because it makes TV more interesting to me.

Although we have a wonderful Tivo system in our basement, it is very hard to reserve time for that spot in the house. My husband likes to unwind and play video games, which most of the time I don’t mind. But, it seems that every time I want to watch a show on MY (yes it is mine-a previous Christmas gift that seems to have been taken over by my husband) Tivo, he is playing video games. There has also been several instances where HIS shows were conveniently recorded and MY shows were clipped or bumped.

Due to this debacle that we experience more often than not, I am forced to watch all of my favorite reality shows at their assigned time slots. Sometimes this means that B is exposed to housewife drama, rehab meltdowns, and an occasional cigarette-smoking swear from the crab boat captain. (And I wonder why he said the S-word!)

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#4. I have fed my son fast food in a crunch, despite the fact I’ve ranted since his birth that he would never taste fast food…EVER!

Last semester was probably the most hectic semester of my life! I had just started a full-time position at a special needs high school, was taking six classes at Rowan University, and I was trying to spend every minute I could with B because I was having serious bouts of mommy guilt. I felt like I never saw him. I would leave the house at 7AM and not return until after 8PM and most of the time Braxton was either on his way or already in bed when I would get home. This was at least three nights out of the week and weekends (when I would get most of my assignments done for my SIX classes), so as you can guess I was seriously feeling baby-withdrawal.

Due to the lack of time that I had, I occasionally would get to the point of the tumbleweed cabinets. This meant no food to make for dinner. So, I would pack B up in the car and head on over to the local McDonald’s and get him a happy meal (with milk & apple slices of course). You see, if the grocery store had drive-thru I would be ALL OVER IT!!!!

The milk and apple slices made me have a little less guilty about feeding my son fast food! Especially after I had watched the movie Super Size Me.

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#3. I’ve had a baby-sitter at the house ask me where I keep Braxton’s clothes, because she was unable to find any clean clothes in his room.

“Umm…yeah, I have been moving stuff around lately. I’ll make sure that his clothes are laid out for you.”

In reality I’m thinking to myself, OMG! I must be the worst mother in the world. She can’t find any clean clothes because there are none! During the insanity of finals time I got to the point where doing laundry didn’t quite fit into my schedule. We are fortunate enough to have had enough clothes to get us through close to two weeks, but I had no idea that B was fresh out! I was so embarrassed, no wait I was MORTIFIED at the fact that there were no clean clothes for my son. I just have to tell myself (sometimes on a daily basis) that my hectic schedule now is for the future benefit of my son. I’m praying and hoping that he does not recall my lack of presence now, although I remind myself that he WILL forget if I miss his first T-ball game.

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

#2. I let my son destroy the living room so that I can get my school work (and most recently blogging) done in peace.

Please be aware that I am literally ten feet from him while he is doing this, so he IS SAFE!!!

I am so “Not Mom of the Year”!

And the #1 reason I am not Mom of the year is (drum roll please)…….

When my son sees a glass of wine he says, “Mommy. juice.”

I am by no means an alcoholic! But, due to my hectic schedule and the fact that I have a toddler with lots of energy, I like to have a glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day or with my dinner. I have actually really gotten into pairing wines with different kinds of meals and trying different blends.  I have a glass or maybe two in the evening, but nothing crazy. It just blew my mind when Braxton said that. I’m guessing it’s because every time he tries to take my glass I say, “This is mommy’s drink honey, no thank you.”

I just have to remember everyday that kids catch on quick and they do say the darndest things!!!

I try very hard to be the best mom I can be and at times I achieve that goal, but not everyone is perfect and that’s OK! So, I hope all the moms out there relate to some of my reasons as to why I am so “Not Mom of the Year” rather than judge me. 😉

Thank you to Tina from Life Without Pink and Mary the Mommyologist for the chance to confess my mommy mishaps and my husband thanks you too (he says you’ve already saved him thousands in therapy!).

I truly love being a mom and my little family!

Just a thought.

(Photo courtesy of Alison at Lucidfoto-Check her out!!!)

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Sunday Snippets Post #1

So, while reading Life Without Pink’s Friday Favorites post I came across yet another amazing mother who has an awesome blog. Marilyn from Pure Unadulterated Softthistle has posts filled with innovative mommy photography, raw tales of a mom going through the ambivalent  process of finding out that her son is on the autistic spectrum, along with several other winsome posts. While reading this mama-riffic blog, I came across Sunday Snippets. Marilyn’s instructions were as follows:

  1. Follow me if you’re not already. (check.)
  2. Write your Sunday Snippets post. (check)
  3. Get the button in the right sidebar over there to thwack onto your post. (check)
  4. Add the link to your blog post (note I said POST, not just the blog url!) to the MckLinky at the bottom here. (hope I did this right. check.)
  5. Read what some of your fellow bloggers have been up to, comment, and enjoy finding new people! (will be doing this week. check)
  6. Come back next Sunday and do it all over again. :) (no promises, but I will try. check)

First snippet from the week. The following video is of my adorable little B dancing away to “Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me” from one of my favorite Disney classics.

Second Snippet from the week. Braxton enjoying an ice cream cone. I couldn’t help but snap a pic of that cookies ‘n’ cream goatee.

Third and final snippet from the week. Braxton sitting on his brand new Disney Cars potty. I know he will probably kill me for publishing this pic when he is about twelve, but it was so darn cute I couldn’t resist. He sat on it and said, “Book, peeeasse.”

I couldn’t help but muster up a chuckle as I gave him the book, and then with no prompting from me (camera was no where insight) he said, “Cheeeessee.” So, I had to run to get my camera and he held this pose.

Oh how I love this child!!!

Well, that is all for my first Sunday Snippets post. I hope I can continue to do this on a weekly basis! I promise I will try.

Thanks again to Marilyn at Pure Unadulterated Softthistle for inspiring me to write this post, and congratulations to Marilyn on her engagement!!!!

Just a thought.

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Happiness…why are so many people searching for it?

Sometimes I feel guilty for being happy. Sometimes I feel naive for being happy. Why do I feel this way you ask?

I see a multitudinous amount of people desperately seeking happiness. They read books on happiness, and they perilously seek supports and strategies for living a happier life.

Why has happiness become such a complex concept?

Is it the technological distractions and the complexity of life as we know it?

Is it the lack of relaxation in our oh-so-busy lives and inability to stop and smell the roses?

Is it our overloaded social schedules that we feel pressured to uphold in order to sustain normalcy?

Is it the constant envy of celebrity bodies, lifestyles, or wealth due to the over exposure to their lives? (Thanks a lot paparazzi!)(Does she look happy? I don’t think so! Poor girl hasn’t eaten in months!)

So, why do I feel guilty when other people are seeking something that has generally come very easily to me? Is it my “motherly” instinct that has me so concerned with the contentment of others?  Is it my harmonious Libran characteristics?

In light of these thoughts that have been boggling my mind for months; I’ve decided to list a few things that bring me happiness. In turn, I hope this will inspire others to reflect on their own lives and appreciate the little, simple things in life. Well, a few modern technologies do bring me overwhelming joy which can not go unnoticed.

(The following list is in no particular order. Most of these things bring me equal amounts of joy.)

The beach, otherwise known as “the shore” to us Jersey residents.

There is nothing that brings me more serenity than the Jersey shore. It’s therapeutic. The smell of the sea air, the feeling of my feet in the wet sand, and the plethora of Vitamin D sends me to a castle of contentment (no pun intended, well maybe a little).

“The waves of the sea help me get back to me.”

-Jill Davis

My girlfriends.

(Photo courtesy of Lucidfoto)

(Some friends not pictured due to the fact that it would take weeks for them to approve any photo published on my blog! You know who you are and I still love you.)

There’s something about the company of your friends. It is filled with a myriad of emotions that are all priceless.

A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself.” -Jim Morrison

“A loyal friend laughs at your jokes when they’re not so good, and sympathizes with your problems when they’re not so bad.” -Arnold H. Glasgow


Laughing soothes the soul. It brings people together, even strangers. Anyone who knows my father knows that laughter is above all…contagious.

*My son has inherited that contagious laugh!*

“A laugh is a smile that bursts.”
– Mary H. Waldrip

My family. Yes, all of them. Too many to mention, and too many pictures to add. You know who you are. The Roots, along with the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba, say it the best.

Writing, or shall I say typing, my thoughts and feelings.

Call me Carrie, but I love to bang the keys on my laptop. I love to talk to myself, in my head, as I write. I love to drink a glass of red wine and see what comes to mind as I unwind (didn’t mean to rhyme so much-must be the wine).

I love to write in different atmospheres to see the affect of my environment.

Grammar courses bring me glee, writing classes consume me (in a good way), and the challenge of writing in different genres brings me shear jubilation.

Music. I said it best in a poem I wrote about my collection of music that is stored in my IPOD.(I cannot believe I am posting a piece of my poetry by the way!)

Music Box

A box where life’s stories are stored.

Some call it a pod, but I call it a box, my music box.

The music inside is the key to my heart

The songs that play unlock my soul.

Play list by play list a story is told.

Every song has a purpose.

Memories are awakened and nostalgia is released

Who needs meds when you have music?

My prescriptions consist of Dave, Jeff, Jack or Ben.

They are my “happy pills”.

Bad days do not last; Dave will make it better.

Afraid to be single; no worries, “Freedom” will give you a boost.

New job? Don’t stress, Biggie will get the vest.

New baby on the way; tell Billy all about it.

Music shifts the seasons.

“School’s out and it’s sort of a buzz”

Songs unite a country.

“I’m proud to be an American”

Music stimulates self-confidence, exposes empathy,

Retires relationships, achieves aspirations.

A new song on the box soothes my mind

It makes me sing loud, obnoxiously loud, if it lets me.

Sometimes savvy lyrics sing to my soul.

And the music in my box takes me back

To the days that never happened,

But they happened today.

Music; “I’m so glad our paths crossed this time today on our way into the night.”

I’m in love with the music that comes from my box and sets the mood for every scene in the script of my life.

-Rebecca Gillis, 2009

Although there are many other things that deliver happiness to my life, these were the few worth mentioning. My life is far from perfect! I am very far away from my career and life goals, but I’ve learned somewhere along the way just be happy being me, no matter what. That’s all you can expect of yourself. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Just a thought.

Fun Foto Friday

So, I know that technically Fun Foto Friday is supposed to go up at the beginning of Friday, but I am on vacation and it’s been hectic to say the least. No one ever said it was easy to take a whole family, including an adorable 22 month old to the Jersey shore. But, all in all it’s been a very enjoyable, memorable vacation.

Sorry to say I do not have any drama to report from the house in which ALL of my parents are staying. When I say all I mean my father, step-mother, mother, and step-father. I thought I would be able to fill you in on some hilarious awkward moments but there were none to report. In fact, I heard my mother and step-mother on the beach today chatting about doing it again next year! Gotta love my family. I am so grateful and thankful to have the situation that I do and would not trade it for the world. All of the grandparents have been a huge help this week and has made my vacation a little less stressful than it could have been.

So, anyway back to Fun Foto Friday! I promised you a pic that epitomizes the Jersey shore and although we stayed in the serene family town of Ocean City we had to escape to the nearby Sea Isle City for the famous “No Shower Happy Hour.”

It has been a tradition for many years (pre-children of course) to attend the Ocean Drive’s “No Shower Happy Hour” and see our favorite cover band, Secret Service. In order to uphold our tradition, we had to attend.

As we walked around the bar I felt a sense of nastalgia, but at the same time I felt OLD. The “kids” (as me and my girlfriends call them) looked younger than ever, and I can’t tell you how many times we said, “Are they old enough to drink?” Then, I caught a glimpse of this young man and what he had on his wrist.

Most mothers of older children will recognize this piece of rubber and have probably spent hundreds of dollars building up their children’s collections! I have seen many children and some teenagers with these silly bandz (appropriately named by the way because they are “silly”) all around South Jersey. But, I never thought I would see a twenty-one year old with a bracelet like this on.

Then, the “gem” of the week is this picture.

These young men were showcasing their retro neon and slotted glasses. Weren’t these cool in the Flava Flave days? To my dismay, they refused to fist pump for me! They did not want to be associated with the “North” Jersey shore boys. So, here is the new “South” Jersey shore trend for the summer of 2010.

So, what do you think? Has anyone else heard about or seen this trend recently?

Just a thought.

Fun Foto Friday

So, here it goes! In the midst of trying to pack for a week at the Jersey Shore, finish up some last minute assignments for my summer course, and spend “quality” time with my two year old, I forced myself to do my weekly feature “Fun Foto Friday.” I also received such a great response from last week’s post that I had to try to reciprocate the response.

I found this “gem” , as my husband would call it, on my recent trip to central Jersey. We stayed at the College of New Jersey for the NJ Special Olympics with the softball team I helped coach. It was sitting outside of a local drug store, and I couldn’t help but snap a photo immediately. My first thought was Wow the person who owns this car must be a MOM! I feel like more and more I find myself having difficulty finishing tasks and staying focused. I’m already an adult living with ADD every day and recently I’ve felt that even medication cannot keep me focused.

This could be due to the fact that I am running on empty! But, I thought you would enjoy this “fun foto” and perhaps someone could give me some insight as to what the heck is going on with this car??? It really looked like someone took silly putty and molded a fin and oh yeah there were wings too- but I could only snap one quick pic. I was trying to not bust out laughing when I saw the car, so I figured standing in front of it and snapping several pictures would not be the most tactful act on my part.

Enjoy this gem! Hopefully I will have a really good pic for next week’s Fun Foto Friday.  Remember I am staying at the Jersey Shore for a whole week with:  my husband, my son, and my two girlfriends who are childless. My mother & stepfather and my father & step-mother will be two short blocks away(they are both in the same house!  Tell me I won’t have a story or two!).It should be and always is an adventure. I will hopefully have Internet connection and will fill you in.

By the way….coming soon is definitely a post on how Moms need a vacation from Preparing for vacation and why are WE the ones responsible for doing it!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Just a thought.

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Tales from an Unforseen Odyessy of Technology

At the start of this module, I was exhilarated at the chance to spend two weeks fully immersed in technology. Then, I heard the word Twitter and I immediately began to panic. I had signed up for a Twitter account months ago and could never quite figure it out, and I figure everything out! But, once I was able to differentiate the different symbols and became to learn what a hashtag was, I instantly caught on to the Twitter craze. I even downloaded Twitter onto to my hand held Blackberry device and the addiction began to flourish.

My husband teased me for days about my new addiction, partly because I constantly mocked people who “tweeted.” Although, I expeditiously realized Twitter was going to be a major technological affordance in my professional, academic, and social outlets. Like the blogging community, the “tweeting” community has also become an advantageous source for all of my mommy needs.  Although just as I started to appreciate the “tweeting” community,I started to feel ambivalent about my new addiction. What about my Facebook friends? How will they know my “quote of the day” ?

So, I decided to begin my venture into the blogging world. This was a way to communicate my thoughts, ideas, and quotes with those Facebook friends I was so concerned about. Although I have been reading blogs for a few years, I had never envisioned I would  ever assign myself the title of a “blogger.” Yet, now I find blogging therapeutic. My husband says I have already saved him thousands of dollars (just kidding, well maybe not!).

Professor Teston jump-started my blog when she assigned the first project in the Technologies and the Future of Writing module. She allowed the option of blogging as a platform for submission. This was the opportunity to begin to share my thoughts and feelings as a hectic mommy who is Running on Empty.

Even though I was invigorated by the plethora of new technology, I began to feel overwhelmed by numerous tabs at the top of my screen. Then my tech-savvy professor introduced me to Tweetdeck . Tweetdeck is a third party client that keeps the user simultaneously connected to multiple social-networking sites such as Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedln, and the pre-historical Myspace. Tweetdeck is every social-networking addict’s dream.

Subsequently, I was introduced to Google Reader and Google Buzz , which have both been interesting endeavors. Google Buzz is a social network that provides an open forum for colleagues or people with similar interests to share relevant and interesting articles, videos, and/or photos. All of these affordances are provided with no updates about your friends and/or colleagues concerning their  mock farms, restaurants, or cities! I find myself more likely to now check my Buzz updates rather than my Facebook status updates.

Consequently, Google Reader is a RSS/Atom feed reader and allows you the access to organize your favorite feeds. It allows you to effectively manage your time while your online. Daily access to my most frequented sites are available in one area and are easily accessible. Google Reader addresses all of my type-A personality needs and provides the affordance of technology combined with organization by entering one simple application.

Jim Porter, author of the article “Why technology matters to writing: A cyberwriter’s tale” from the publication Computers and composition describes the evolution of technology and how “It shapes the writer and writes the body in significant ways” (389). Porter’s view on the evolution of technology and “technological past” reflects the definition of my own technological odyssey. Through having the constraint of one hundred and forty characters on Twitter and the affordance of limit-less blog entries, my writing has evolved through variegated discourse communities.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Fun Friday post. I have to admit it’s a good one! The Jersey shore at its best.

Just a thought.

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Daddy’s Fun Day

So, today (for me at least) was the first official day of summer. The first fun day of relaxing by the pool with my some of my nearest and dearest friends! As usual, it was a complete success. Minus the fact that we decided to get margaritas for my hubby. I love my husband with all of my heart and usually he’s not one for drinking much, but he cannot resist a frozen, frothy margarita. So, him along with one of our friends decided to drink them ALL day long. They actually stayed productive, grilled, and helped clean up. I was impressed! I fell in love with my hubby all over again! (I feel like I do that more and more as our marriage matures.) And it was nice to see my hard-working hubby get a chance to relax and enjoy himself with our friends. (My hubby works the night shift so he is on daddy duty for most of the day while I’m at work & school. He runs on minimal sleep, as he is in school full-time himself, yet somehow manages to be an awesome dad and husband!)

P.S. Trying to get him to start a Daddy blog! He ends up spending more time with Braxton than I do. *sigh* Oh Mommy guilt!!!!

On a side note

*Adorable Braxton Moment*: Braxton and my niece were watching Toy Story 2 after a long day of swimming and fun, and they were eating their popcorn. Braxton was so “comfy-cozy” as my mother would say, and he looked over and saw my husband fast asleep on the couch. He put down his popcorn and walked over to the couch and inspected my husband for awhile, probably due to the fact that my husband “fake sleeps” on a regular basis, and then decided to cuddle his little cheek next to my husband’s. He said, “Aw! Ba-by. Ba-by.” It was another moment where my Blackberry camera failed me, my video camera battery was dead, and my camera was too far to grab. So, I decided to store it in my “Adorable Braxton Moments” file and promised myself to blog about it before I lost the thought.

So, why am I mentioning this? Well, it is now eight thirty at night (on our only night together as a couple) and he is zonked out to the world. So much for spending a quiet evening with each other after the baby goes to bed. Does anyone else out there have a husband with an odd work schedule? Has anyone ever said to you, “Oh you never see your husband! You’re soooooo lucky! I see mine all the time. Oh you’ll be married forever!!!” I always smile politely and try to pull off an uncomfortable giggle but inside I feel a knife go through my stomach. I actually find myself saying the exact thing to others sometimes, just to help myself cope with my pain.

But, on the other hand I actually loathe people who complain about seeing their significant others too much. I feel like if you are truly in love with your “other half” then you should be elated at the thought of being in their presence. My husband and I look forward to family vacations just so we can sleep in the same bed for more than one night a week. The sound of his snore or drool on the pillow makes me smile. They make me feel like I am home.

Why do people get married if they do not enjoy each other’s company? Don’t get me wrong, our relationship is far from perfect! But, at the end of the day there’s nothing better than to have your husband by your side as you drift off to dreamland. 
(Photo courtesy of our amazing wedding photographer, Alison Gallagher of Lucidfoto. Check out her blog she does amazing work.) During the craziness of work,  school, a toddler, laundry, assignments… I admit that I do fall asleep rather quickly with minimal distractions. Yet, the only way I am able to fall asleep (while he’s at work) is talking to him and hearing the sound of his voice on the phone. I admit sometimes during our late night conversations where sometimes I barely say anything, I do have flashbacks to our “dating days” and when we would spend hours on the phone talking until each other fell asleep, despite the fact that we had spent the whole day or night together. *sigh*

But, I love the fact that we can still do that after being together for five years. I know five years is miniscule compared to other relationships, but it is the longest both of us have ever had.

He is my best friend
an amazing dad

and an awesome husband.

I am truly a lucky girl, so now it is worth every lonely second I spend on the computer. I guess this ended up being an ‘ode to my hubby! I must have been inspired after reading Tina’s post from Life Without Pink “A Father’s Love.” I had no intention on writing about my husband, other than the fact he drank a few too many margaritas, and I actually had to go back and re-title this post!

I haven’t had internet in a week, so watch out world! I’m back! But, it’s going to take me a little while to get back in the groove.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966

Just a thought.

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